Efficient lighting

LED luminaire financing

Upgrade your old lighting system with new generation LED luminaires, without spending extra money.

Lighting design

Whether you are installing a new lighting system or renovating an existing one, you will need a practical lighting design.

LED luminaire manufacturing

We develop and manufacture technologically advanced and efficient LED luminaires for business environments.

Lighting diagnosis

We gather information to help evaluate and make decisions on lighting modernisation solutions and to discover new opportunities.

LED luminaire installations

Reliable electricians will install and replace the new LED luminaires in your commercial and industrial premises.

Independent audits

Certified energy lighting audits are available, where the auditor will evaluate and prepare a lighting modernisation report for your company.

Structure of our technology

  • Lightning control
  • Advanced LED components
  • Housings
  • Individual lighting solutions

 A practical lighting control system will be selected according to the needs of your company, in order to save even more electricity and adapt the lighting to your specific needs. The luminaires can be easily integrated into existing lighting systems.

New generation diodes, long-lasting power supplies and advanced optics to ensure a high efficacy (lm/W), even illumination and a low-glare CRI.

Functional luminaire designs with shapes that are chosen to best fulfil the direct purpose of the luminaire for a particular type of space. Separate functions are ensured for different areas of application.

Our luminaires are individually manufactured and assembled, designed to best fulfil the customer’s needs, and are characterised by longevity, functionality and efficiency.

Lighting solutions

Efficient LED lighting solutions that ensure comfortable lighting for various business needs. Our solutions come with a guaranteed long lifecycle and efficient energy consumption. We manufacture our luminaires in Lithuania using only high-quality components. Our lines of LED luminaires are manufactured according to the specific business needs in your area of operations: industry, production, warehousing, logistics, trade, parking lots, offices, area lighting or other individual needs.

Our LED solutions will improve your occupational safety, work efficiency and provide you with a comfortable environment every working day.

Financial benefits

Our customers save an average of 57% on their energy costs with our LED solutions.


We are your partners for developing and designing more efficient lighting solutions for your premises.

Up to 95% of our luminaire is recyclable

All of the LED luminaires are made of environmentally-friendly materials, while up to 95% of the luminaire is recyclable.


We offer a 5-year warranty.

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