Desing and led selection

Light design and LED selection – designing your lighting system


If you are ready for a new lighting system, or when you need to renovate an existing one, you will need a lighting design. We specialise in industrial lighting. A business design is a little different from a regular lighting design, as it is focused more on the company’s activities and the technical requirements for the lighting.

Our lighting design service includes:

  • Analysing the needs and the current situation to identify the lighting requirements
  • Choosing the type of luminaires and the luminaire control system
  • Design and performing photometric calculations
  • Analysing the lighting system and the project data analysis
  • Preparation of CAD validation  and .dwg files, as well as other documents.

An integrated design is a design that starts with a diagnosis, design of the lighting system and ends with the installation of luminaires. This allows the project to be implemented quickly, as project corrections are made more accurately and errors are reduced.

The advantages of an integrated lighting design include:

  • Efficient lighting solutions
  • Measures to improve work safety
  • Methods to increase productivity
  • Ideas how lighting can improve the customer experience
  • Higher project quality
  • Time savings and a reduced cost for the contractor and owner

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