Led technology luminaire installation service

LED technology luminaire installation service


The installation of modern LED technology luminaires involves a slightly different than installing old types of metal halides or fluorescent or high-pressure luminaires. With the advent of new technologies, more specialised luminaires have emerged that can better meet the individual needs of your company. Whether it is a high-ceiling premises or an aggressive working environment – there is a solution available for everyone.

A proper selection of luminaires will ensure a good quality of light and a long service life.

When you need to install new luminaires, we are always happy to offer advice on how to proceed. We will consult with you and your electrician, or can simply suggest an electrician who can do the work for you.

By ordering the services of our partners, you will receive:

  • A consultation on which LED luminaires are the best choice for rooms of different heights or sizes
  • A consultation on the current condition of your lighting installations
  • Replacement of old luminaires with new LED luminaires
  • Installation of a lighting control system
  • Warranty for the electrical work
  • Safe disposal of your old luminaires

If you are interested in this service, contact us to talk about how we can help you.


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