Lighting system modernisation and financing service

Lighting system modernisation and financing service

LED modernisation financing

Upgrade your old lighting system with new generation LED luminaires without spending any extra money.


What is the ESCO (Energy Service Company) service? It is a provision where an energy service company offers solutions to reduce your energy costs, without requiring you to invest or partially invest your own money. In other words, your company can modernise its lighting system without a monetary contribution, with the funding of the ESCO model. The goal of such a project is to reduce your energy and maintenance costs by installing a new efficient lighting system that will ensure a quick payback period.

How does this work? Generally speaking, your older models of  luminaires use up to 80% more electricity than modern LEDs. Hence the difference and savings, which will cover the cost of modernising the system with new luminaires.


Efficient ESCO financing provides a service that allows you to have new luminaires installed today, while continuing to pay only your old electricity bill. If you currently have older luminaires and use a lot of light, you will receive the new luminaires quickly along with a new electricity bill that it is lower by 30% to 80%.

In only 6 steps, you can have an efficient lighting system without leaving your office.   

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Why is our service so attractive for your business?

  • No initial investment and no advance payments
  • Possibility to reduce your lighting costs by up to 80%
  • Everything sourced from one location for the entire lighting service project
  • Much better lighting quality in your buildings, resulting in higher productivity, improved health and occupational safety, and happier employees
  • Simple and clear risk-free service
  • No problems with luminaire replacements, flicker or other lamp maintenance issues

With the help of this luminaire modernisation service you will receive:

  • An accurate diagnosis of your old lighting system
  • A new lighting project based on accurate photometric calculations
  • Acquisition of new generation LED luminaires with a 5-year warranty
  • AN efficient and more convenient light control system
  • You will be able to use the cash that you save for your business development, marketing, personnel, etc.

We guarantee full luminaire replacement and maintenance services. Our service is innovative and does not involve any risks for the end user.

This service is particularly useful for car park managers, commercial buildings, warehousing building administrators and logistics centres.


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