Lighting for car parking lots

More light for visitors, with less electricity costs for administrators


Parking lot lighting is necessary to ensure a 24/7 smooth parking experience, including the arrival and departure of cars and clarity for pedestrians. Lighting can also help make better use of the entire area in a facility.

Efficient lighting upgrades in old multi-storey car parks

Due to the constant light operations, it is important to choose efficient LED luminaires.

Presently, the most common lighting is fluorescent, which provides a low level of light that is often poor and gloomy, flickers more and requires frequent maintenance, all of which annoys visitors and is expensive for the owners.

Modern technology luminaires feature uniform light uniformity, minimal maintenance and high energy efficiency up to 175 lm/W, which allows for energy savings of up to 85%.

Long service life despite harsh environmental conditions

We produce a range of luminaires that will guarantee safe lighting in humid conditions (IP65) for the entire 5-year warranty period.

Lighting controls and even higher energy efficiency

Lighting controls can ensure up to 70-80% energy savings compared to manually controlled lighting, and allow the service life of the luminaires to be extended even further.

By controlling the lighting according to your needs, you can dim the light in unused areas, leave on safe standby lighting, or illuminate the pedestrian areas when customers approach.

Efficient and energy-saving car park lighting solutions are achieved by combining high-quality long-lasting luminaires with the right control functions.


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