Individual development of LED luminaires


If you cannot not find the right LED luminaire on the market, contact us. All your needs will then be employed to create the correct specification.

Luminaires can be designed according to the latest market technologies. All of the electronic, mechanical and optics components should be designed or selected to create the most efficient lighting solutions that is also environmentally friendly. It is not only the technical specification that is important, but also the external design of the luminaire housing, which is essential for achieving the desired aesthetic or technological result and can prolong the service life of the luminaire.

Electronic designs are becoming increasingly important in the lighting industry, as the options and requirements for new luminaires are increasing rapidly. Our research and development team cooperates with a number of partners to develop advanced electronic solutions using the newest, reliable components available in the market. In addition, we will prepare the required PCB board according to your technical parameters.

A proper electronic design can take your luminaire to the next level and will ensure a long service life.

Lightning controls. Modern LED luminaires are an incomplete product without an efficient control system. We possess the experience and solutions to add value to your lighting and we supply customisable control systems that are compatible with most lighting protocols available on the market.

A convenient lighting control user interface will provide you with a new lighting experience.

Regardless of whether you need a small quantity or a large batch of products, we will take a flexible approach and adapt to your needs.

If you are unable to find luminaires for a working cabinet, office, warehouse, manufacturing space or another commercial area, please contact us to discuss how we can help you. We will create the luminaire or system that you need,  in conformity with your activities and the allocated budget.


Contact us now and we will give you some advice on where to start.


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