Lighting solutions for industry

Light that increases the productivity of workers


Modern lighting technologies have become available that offer even the smallest companies greater efficiency and added value.

Productivity and cost controls are especially important for manufacturing companies. In this case, similar requirements apply to LED lighting as to the production equipment:

  1. Reliability and efficiency. Lighting changes the minimum lifespan L90/B10 at 25°C to 50,000 hours
  2. Payback period. The payback time for luminaires is usually up to 3 years.
  3. Longevity. Luminaires will operate for up to 100,000 hours.
  4. Service and maintenance. Minimal servicing is required.

Lighting in production facilities must be efficient and durable.

Not only is the proper design of the lighting system important, according to the work processes or layout of the equipment in industrial enterprises, but the future maintenance conditions and convenient accessibility to the luminaires are also relevant considerations.

Our luminaires will help:

  • Increase the concentration of employees and their attention to detail in the workplace.
  • Reduce the level of fatigue.
  • Lower the number of errors.

How light intensity affects labour productivity in an industrial company

Factory premises may have workshops, processing facilities or assembly lines; therefore, the same level of lighting is often unsuitable for different types of premises, while different levels of light intensity are also required.

Lighting that can be controlled and adapted to your production process can help save up to 65% of  your energy output.

LED lights can be controlled, changed and adjusted according to the intensity of your work, operational flows and production layout. We offer a variety of lighting controls and regulation solutions that can even be purchased by smaller manufacturing companies.

Lighting control systems are diverse, and we offer solutions that even small businesses can afford to purchase.


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