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Modern lighting technologies provide more light during the dark hours of the day. Outdoor LED luminaires must be assembled from reliable components to remain resistant to the outdoor conditions in different seasons. When you are creating an outdoor lighting space, it is necessary to take the environment as well as the architecture of the buildings and their layout into account, because they may look one way during the day, but can appear at night. It is equally important to evaluate the purpose of lighting: is it area or architectural lighting?

For the lighting of outdoor areas, we offer high-quality floodlights that are resistant to various conditions, They  are suitable for use at extreme heights, in sports buildings and other large external architectural structures due to their advanced technical and optical properties and higher levels of power.

Street lighting increases road safety while reducing electricity costs.

There are various types of street lighting available for parks, main streets, boulevards, bicycle paths, tunnels and intersections. Each one of these needs an individual solution that is both efficient and functional. In addition, residential luminaires must feature a good lighting quality, combined with energy savings and individual control options.  Good lighting can increase safety and reduce the rate of accidents. Luminaires can also feature various colour patterns, depending on their composition.

Our street luminaires are made of durable and fully-tested materials, with high IP and IK and, most importantly, high heat transfer ratings.

All of our outdoor luminaires can be controlled, thus further adapting the lighting to specific needs. This allows the service life of LED diodes to be extended while saving energy. It is also possible to adjust the amount of light according to the specific requirements of a space.


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