Lighting system evaluation and diagnosis

Lighting system efficiency evaluation-Lighting system diagnosis
If you want to make your business more efficient, start with a lighting assessment report. Contact us and together we will evaluate how we can save by reducing lighting costs, increase work efficiency, or efficiently modernize existing lighting.


Led technology luminaire installation service

The installation of modern LED technology luminaires is slightly different from the old type of metal halogen or fluorescent or high pressure luminaires. With the advent of new technologies, more specialized luminaires have emerged that better meet the special needs of the company, whether it be a high-rise room or an aggressive work environment is another solution for everyone.


Lighting system modernisation and financing service

What is the ESCO (Energy Service Company) service? It is a provision where an energy service company offers solutions to reduce your energy costs, without requiring you to invest or partially invest your own money. In other words, your company can modernise its lighting system without a monetary contribution, with the funding of the ESCO model.


Manufacturing and supplying led luminaires

Manufacture of lighting equipment. We work with engineering companies, the best manufacturers of LED technology components and independent testing companies to develop LED luminaires. This way, we assure you that you will get advanced lighting solutions that increase the efficiency of your business on a daily basis.


Desing and led selection

When designing a new lighting system or renovating an existing one, lighting design is required. We specialize in industrial lighting. Business design is a little different from regular design. In this area, the design takes more account of the company’s activities and technical requirements for lighting:


Independent lighting energy audits

Lighting energy audit is a study, research, evaluation of the energy lighting consumption of a building. A certified energy auditor visits your company’s premises and identifies all current lighting energy costs, interviews managers to identify areas where lighting needs to be improved, and develops a formal plan to reduce lighting energy and maintenance costs.


Nepriklausomas apšvietimo energetinis auditas

Apšvietimo energetinis auditas tai pastato energetinio apšvietimo sunaudojimo studija, tyrimas, įvertinimas. Atestuotas energetikos auditorius apsilanko jūsų įmonės patalpose ir identifikuoja visas dabartines apšvietimo energijos sąnaudas, apklausia vadovus, kad nustatytų sritis kuriose reikia pagerinti apšvietimą ir parengia oficialų planą, kaip sumažinti apšvietimo energiją ir priežiūros sąnaudas.


Apšvietimo sistemos įvertinimas – diagnozė

Apšvietimo sistemos efektyvumo įvertinimas-Apšvietimo sistemos diagnozė
Norite savo verslą padaryti efektyvesniu, pradėkite nuo apšvietimo įvertinimo ataskaitos. Susisiekite su mumis ir kartu įvertinsime kaip galime sutaupyti sumažinti apšvietimo išlaidas, pakelti darbo našumą, ar efektyviai modernizuoti esamą apšvietimą.

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