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Due to the different resolution settings of computer monitors and telephone screens, the color of the product may differ in different devices, i. do not match the color of the actual product

The linear luminaire can be attached directly to the surface or hung on cables. Linear luminaires can be connected to each other in one line.

Office lighting online. Looking for lighting solutions for your office? Get in the right place, because here you can choose from more than a hundred different luminaires with different types, functions and installation methods. One of the most popular solutions for the office is table lighting. Their biggest advantage is that they are perfect for working with a computer or writing, as they minimize the amount of shadows falling on the desktop as much as possible. Another practical and cozy option is a hanging lamp above the work desk. This is an ideal option for people who just don’t have the practicality – they also need to set up their office comfortably and beautifully so that the work can be done productively, and if they need to be accepted, the person being accepted will feel good and satisfied with the environment.


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