Light that increases sales


New generation LED lighting designed for shopping centres.

In today’s market conditions, where retailers struggle to gain the attention of every customer, the perfect level of customer engagement and an enhanced shopping experience is required. Our new LED lighting systems not only provide more light and better energy efficiency, they help draw the customers’ attention to the products on your shelf, while also helping to save money.

LED luminaires exceed the needs of retail chains.

Good LED lighting is not just about ensuring visual comfort. A properly designed lighting solutions controls the light with innovative optics, which focus the light and help strengthen the brand’s statement in the consumer’s mind. When it is properly selected, the light output can attract customer traffic to a store, as well as having an impact on the shoppers’ mood and drawing attention to any special offers. The right light also helps to reveal the attractiveness of products and increase interest – thereby contributing to better sales.

An optimal LED luminaire system is guaranteed by providing high-quality diodes, reliable power supplies, high-quality optics and an effective luminaire design. Modern optics solutions help to deliver efficient accent and contrast lighting.  Good optics also help prevent colour blurring and keep the light even, without extraneous reflections. LED luminaires not only improve the visual appearance of a store, but also reduce the electricity costs, especially when lighting is one of the most important elements of a shopping centre.

The transition from old to next-generation LED luminaires will allow your business to save even more money by adjusting the light where it is needed, which is mainly achieved with high-quality luminaires and optical solutions. Our luminaires can help you stand out from the competition.

LED lighting makes it possible to highlight different product zones.

If you are selling fashionable clothes, cosmetics or food products, it is very important to choose lighting that does not distort the colours or impair the visibility of a product. Poorly lit orange juice can look unappealing, which will have a significant impact on sales. A better score on the colour rendering index (CRI) is reflected in a more attractive product appearance and a positive influence on customer choices.

We have the LED solution to fit the specific needs of your company.


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