Efficient lighting in warehousing and logistics facilities.


The logistics and warehousing business field represents one of the most important elements in modern trade, which many companies rely on to create added value for their customers. LED technologies can contribute to the higher efficiency of a storage space, along with increased productivity and lower lighting bills, i.e. increased profits.

In order to install functional LED lighting, it is first necessary to plan the lighting layout, where a virtual modulation of the indoor lighting will reveal the efficient luminaire points without the need to spend any money.

Advanced warehousing and logistics lighting with properly tailored optics

In a warehouse with ceilings measuring up to 16 m in height, it can be difficult to fully illuminate every rack. With the help of optics, the light is directed in a manner that not only provides the required amount of light at the bottom of the work area, but also illuminates the vertical surfaces of the racks. The new range of linear LED luminaires feature clear optics with an asymmetrical distribution. Such luminaires provide even illumination without any lighting gaps.

Another important factor for high-quality LED lighting in storage facilities is glare, otherwise known as the UGR Index. In logistics and warehousing facilities, this index must be at least 19-25.

What does this mean for a warehouse loading employee? Glare instantly reduces visibility, which can lead to accidents at work and damage to the goods.

Choose an LED luminaire that ensures an accurate optical light distribution and a comfortable level of lighting.

  • The luminaire with a narrow beam angle is efficient for passages, in order to avoid wasting the light.
  • A luminaire with wide beam optics is best suited for open spaces.

With the help of our linear luminaires and the optics arrangement, the light is evenly distributed downwards to ensure visibility of the goods with a sufficiently high level of vertical lighting.

All of the warehouse and logistics lighting can be controlled. This is especially important if the premises are in continuous operation 24 hours a day. Lighting controls allow you to adjust the level of light and turn it off when it is not needed. Smart lighting solutions can help save up to 90% on your lighting costs.


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